Night Terror

by Morality

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After a very long year it's finally done. I've put a lot of hard work and time into this E.P. and I couldn't be any happier that its finished and ready for you guys to listen to. I'd like to thank all my friends and family that stuck by my side and helped me this year through all the bullshit. Your all amazing and I love you all so very much. This E.P. goes out to you guys, your all so very fucking awesome. As usual its all free download. So download away and bang your fucking dome piece.

I'd like to also say from the bottom of my heart to anyone that is going through a rough patch in there life and feels like they are so alone please don't ever, ever, ever give up. There is always hope no matter what. No matter how down in the shitter you may feel you can always get back. Don't forget to believe in yourself a little hope goes a long way. Life is what you make it my friends, its up to you to create your future. So remember, life's a trip, keep traveling ;)

Special Dedications to:
Ryan Brucato and his family (May you rest peacefully my friend)
Uncle Ricky Rockit (R.I.P. we all miss you so very much)

Special Shout Outs to my friends:
Rob Kimbrough aka Freak and the rest of the Dingbatz crew, Tom Tierney, Andrew Sudol, Stephen Murphy of Westfall Recording Company, Eric Chase , My brothers in Beyond Treachery (Thomas, Jeremy, and Justin), Joe Benducci, The Blessing of this Curse, Jake Fletcher, Michael Curley, James Muenchen, Cody Scheyer , Tia Lab (Love ya sis), Jeremy you punk ass "Sunshine" Fierro, All my friends from Wade O'Dell Wade Moving Company (Mick, Uncle L, Freaky, Ed, Mancha, Forty, Matt, Mark, and everyone else), my whole entire family, and anyone else I forgot to mention. I love you all.

Douglas Maxwell (Morality) uses KRK Audio, Mesa Amps, Krank Amplification, Basson Cabs, Epiphone Guitars, LTD Guitars, and Jackson Guitars

(And to that special someone….. You told me to write about it, so I wrote about it. You know who you are.)


released November 20, 2015

Douglas Maxwell (Instruments, Midi, Mixing, Music, and Vocals)
Joseph Benducci (Vocals)
Eric Chase (Guest solo on PTSD)
Stephen Murphy (Guest solo on Night Terror, Master, and additional mixing/recording)



all rights reserved


Morality Pennsylvania

Morality is a project created by Douglas Cleary to provide you guys with nothing but heavy fucking metal. The idea is to create music for you lovely people to listen too with collaborating with some of the most talented and awesome music artists that are around. ... more

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Track Name: My Hateful Ways
Driven by the illusion of peace
I drive into a darker place
Try to keep it all locked up
Busted hands prove I'm weak
Fought tooth and nail just to get to this place
Broke my faith just to numb it all down

Why can't I breathe alone
Waiting to die alone

Everything is wrong with me….
Track Name: PTSD
I can't fucking wait for the world to die
Destroying every pathetic soul in sight
Waging a war we cannot win
Celebrate the end and embrace it within

I've tried to see the bright side
I've tried just looking up but all of my hope as turned to rust

For my
From this human race

We've built an empire of selfish filth
Every life's expendable depending on your wealth
Why are we so gullible to think that were all free
When all of us are slaves to a tyrant of a being

I may not be brightest person
I may have lost my heart
But pull your head out of your ass
Stop living in the dark

I feel as if I've lived a lie my entire life
Thinking that one day everything will be alright

For my
From this human race

Where marching to a new era
Of pain and misery
Fueling off the lives of other human beings
Like leeches in a pond
Like vermon in the dark
Draining all the world of the life its got

I've seen enough to know
That god was never there
Couldn't even answer all the dying children's prayers
As far as I'm concerned were all as good as fucked
Waiting to die like a sitting duck

I can't fucking wait for the world to die
Destroying every pathetic soul in sight
Waging a war we cannot win
Celebrate the end and embrace it within

I've tried to see the bright side
I've tried just looking up
But all of my hope has turned to rust
I just want to die……

You can't begin to understand my pain
Track Name: Night Terror
*End Quote*
I don't know how I ever survived
Or why i'm still sane
In fact I don't know now whether I'm awake or dreaming
My past seems like one long dream
Punctured with nightmares
-“Ugliest, filthiest, shittiest city in the world” (Henry Miller)